Customer First

Customers are the food and clothing parents, always to put the needs of customers first. When the interests of the clients conflict with the interests of the enterprise, it is necessary to give priority to the interests of the clients so as to avoid the loss of large and small profits.

First-Class Quality

The quality of excellent products is the basis of lihua, which is also a banner of the long-term differentiation competition of lihua technology. At any time, when there is any conflict with product quality, prioritize quality first.

Team Work

RayVal technology focuses on individual ability, but emphasizes teamwork. In particular, the project exclusive team CFT is an organizational structure, and every employee is unique within the team and cannot be replaced. This requires us to coordinate our work and learn from each other. Eliminate the cask effect.

Business Integrity

RayVal technology should observe business ethics, pay attention to commercial integrity, and actively protect customer related information and technology. Never compete with customers.

Quick Reaction

The company has long maintained a flat structure. For internal and external demand changes, always react quickly to avoid the bureaucracy that comes with the larger size of the company. Rapid response capability can ensure that RayVal technology is in a favorable position in complex market competition.

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